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Anatoly Zalevsky's Rizoma "Time" was premiered in Kiev with a sell-out. On July 4 and 5, on the stage of Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Rizoma "Time" was loudly opened with a sell-out. The show created by Anatoly Zalevsky – a balance master, director, winner of the world's most prestigious award in the sphere of circus arts "Clown d'Or", the honored artist of Ukraine. Kiev premiere marked the beginning of Rizoma "Time" world tour. The show was honored with the presence of admirers of Anatoly's creative work and his friends: Vitaly Klitschko, Mika Newton, Ani Lorak, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Svetlana Tarabarova, duo "Alibi", Kolya Serga, Tatyana Denisova, Aleksandr Leschenko, Yuri Nikitin and Olga Gorbacheva, Monroe, Dmitry Gordon, Timofei Nagorny, Aleksei Diveyev-Tserkovny and many others. The act unfolds within complex mobile decorations made from metal frameworks and rotating panels. In addition to those the unique gymnastic apparatuses and podiums appear on stage again and again. Using a large-scale video projection system and cutting-edge lighting effects the authors of the show managed to evoke the sensation of multidimensional space of the stage. It seems to the spectators that the action takes place in several dimensions simultaneously. On this bright background the characters tell an amazing story using the body language. The story line is a philosophic parable of time and love, of human abilities on the verge of reality. In between the highest-level gymnastic acts the "character" clowns support the story line of a wonder machine capable of controlling time and of its inventors who had lost control over it after mechanical heart of the machine has learnt to love. It seemed that plastic acts of acrobats and balance masters violated all possible physical laws. The turning point of the show was the legendary act by Anatoly Zalevsky – Dream – breathtaking and spectacular, dazzling with its beauty and complexity. The underlying metaphoricalness of the story, fantastic decorations and lighting, brilliance and the supreme art of execution of the acts took its action: after the end of the show the audience gave a standing ovation for almost fifteen minutes.