Master classes

Provision of rehearsal room and accommodation


Art studio RizomA

A complex designed for training, creative process and living.

In Rizoma Art-Studio all your organizational and domestic problems will be solved by our employees. You can completely plunge into creative work and devote yourself to inspiration.

Rizoma Complex for 35-40 persons offers:

    Gym, dimensions 9 × 15 m, ceiling height - 8,5 m. Equipment: all-purpose injury-preventing elastic rubber coating 10 mm thick; metal dance bars; framework for circus props; trampoline 3 × 6 m.

    Theater auditorium for 144 seats (stage 12 m × 11 m, ceiling height - 7 m). Coating – ballet linoleum. Frameworks for lighting and circus props. Concert lighting equipment. Screen 1.5 × 2.0 m.

    Fitness hall. Equipment: training bench; elliptical trainer; power bench; roman chair; barbells; weight plates; dumb-bells; chinning bar.

    Double, triple and quadruple accommodation rooms. Rooms feature: beds, shelves, chests, bed stands, closets and mirrors. 5 toilet facilities on each floor.

    Bungalows for four and five people. Each bungalow features: beds, bed stands, lighting fixtures, built-in shelves, table, chairs and a separate toilet facility.

    Cafeteria for 50 seats. Two or three meals daily at your choice. Possibility to arrange buffets for up to 150 persons. Here, as well as over the whole "Rizoma" territory – WI-FI internet access.

    Sauna, Massage room, Sewing room, Laundry, Workshop manufacturing props and stage decorations, Parking lot


Accommodation, including usage of gym, theater auditorium, fitness room and sauna–1.500 Euro/week.

Meals: breakfast – 5 Euro; lunch – 10 Euro; dinner – 10 Euro.

Transfer Kiev-Berdichev up to 10 persons – 170 Euro, up to 45 persons – 500 Euro.

Address: 67, Chervona Street, Berdichev, Zhitomir region (170 km from Kiev). 

Sauna, Massage parlor, Sewing workshop, Laundry, Workshop for making the props and scenery, Parking for cars
Zhytomyr region., Berdichev, st. Chervona 67 (170km. from Kiev)
Tel.: (067) 245 59 59 ; e-mail: