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Mikhail Usov


Mikhail Usov has been entertaining audiences since 1983 Mikhail Usov was born in 1967 in Charkov in family ingenire . He began his professional clown career at the age of 16 in September 1983. For 14 years Mikhail Usov continued to be a creator and inspiration force behind most of the MIKOS shows and worked with great success all around Russia and Europe. In 1995 he won a silver medal at the International Circus of Tomorrow Festival (Cirque D'HIVER BOUGLIONE a PARIS International Festival Monde du Cirque de Demain) in Paris, and in July 1999 a gold medal at the International Clown Festival in Ostend in Belgium. T After that he became a popular clown in Europe and for a long time he worked for the Wintergarten Variete in Berlin, Tiger Palast in Frankfurt-on Main, GOP-Group, Prinzregentheater in München, Friedrichbau Stuttgart, Cirque du Soleil and others. He also took part in TV shows on the BBC London, National TV in China, TV in Horvatia, TV in Italy. Twice he worked in the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. Mikhail Usov has created several unique acts. His “Ping Pong” act is one example. No artist in the world has been able to replicate this indeed unique and extremely complex act. The act involves Mikhail Usov juggling only one ping pong and bouncing it against a number of aluminum pots attached to various parts of his body with each pot producing a different sound. As a result, a one of the kind musical instrument is born which plays notes and various melodies. This is absolutely amazing and a true novelty in the circus arts industry. He worked with world famous cirque, theatre and movie directors such as David Scheiner (USA), Robert Lepage (Canada), Dominick Mackler (France), Tereza Durova (Russia), Anatoliy Zalevsky (Ukraine), Valentin Gneushev (Russia). Mikhail Usov authored programs for two shows: Panopticum and Stadt der Träume (A City of Dream). Both shows proved to be a commercial success in Germany. In 2008-2009 in GOP theater, Hannover, Germany he created a show А City of Friends on the base of many his acts with 10 people cast. The show had a great success. Plastic bags act ended the show. In 2009 Mikhail Usov worked with producer Robert Lepage to create a new acts called «Fisherman» and «Water-skis» for Cirque du Soleil show TOTEM, which is now a featured act in the show and probably the public’s one of the favorite. As San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Mikhail Usov's fishing boat idyll is a comic gem». From 2009 he performs around the world on the stage of TOTEM, a production of the internationally acclaimed Cirque du Soleil.