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Anatoliy Zalevskiy

equilibrist / Ukrain

The name of Anatoliy Zalevskiy – circus performer, balance master, winner of the most prestigious professional awards in the sphere of circus arts – cannot tell much for most of his fellow countrymen. Ukrainian circus and many of its professionals still remain a blind-spot in public conscience, therefore at home Mr. Zalevskiy is known only to in-crowd of devoted ones. However, he is very famous in Germany, where Anatoly has been triumphantly touring over ten years, in Paris where he has been awarded a Grand Prix of the International Festival "Cirque de Demain", and in Monte Carlo, where at Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival he was the first Ukrainian artist to win circus "Oscar", the most prestigious global award – "Clown D’or". Despite multiple proposals to perform and to teach abroad, Mr. Zalevskiy is not going to intended to change domicile and does not apply "no man is a prophet in his own land" postulate to himself. Instead, he claim that "circus will save the world", he has built a circus art studio in his hometown Berdichev at his own expense, and this summer he will be presenting a new version of his legendary "plastic performance" Rizoma in Kiev.